Friday, May 16, 2008

FIT east coast trip

Here are some photos from the fit trip that Keith R shot. Shawn with a nice one handed table at astoria banks. We all had a good time, Robo, Mikey, dehart, ed, tom, Bf, nick benson, me, shawn, keith r, and the filmer jordan. Good vibes on the trip. We hit up a few bike shops like tryone,s new shop in the city, it looks good and its right by the brooklyn banks. there was a good demo at long island bike shop. I was siked to see how many riders there are on the island, the scene is definately growing. this little kid got his brand new fit stolen but the filmer that was on the trip happen to film the theft. so we kept watching the tape and seen who the kid was that stole it, so kenny and rich (pictured below) went to the kids house and got the bike back. it was a blessing for that little kid and for the rest of the day. give thanks. There will be a web vid out soon from the trip and keith R is workin on the article for ride magazine. good times, summer vibes is here, enjoy it. peace and love.


Anonymous said...

Russ Barone is the best bmx rider in the world!!

VeganLuke said...

love the blog, keep the posts up.

a post on your favourite cruelty free recipes/products (vegan/vegetarian) would be cool.
just and idea.

anyway be safe, be good.

Albert said...

Rastafari is in my heart.

Anonymous said...

This blog is absolute bullshit.

Yo I'm gonna start a bmx jihad website, come and check it out FO REALS!