Tuesday, February 12, 2008


My uncle Paul used to tell me stories how he used to run with these guys when he lived in Manchester, England.Many carribbean people following Marcus Garvey came to the United States an England to help set up the U.N.I.A(united negro improvement association).My uncles parents where from Barbados an active Garveyites they traveled to London and Harlem in the early 40s keeping the Garvey vibe alive.Their in Manchester,England they had my uncle Paul during there travels. They stayed in England for a couple years traveling back and forth to Barbados and England. As my uncle grew up he started taking up Rastafari as a youth on the island.We still have fam in England, so he would travel back and forth to vist. Rastafari was getting bigger to the youths, and many reggae bands started popping up in the carribbean population in England one of the hardest bands to pop up in the early 70s was Aswad. They laid some heavy songs.I found these old videos of them befor he moved to Brooklyn so he was for sure chillin with them around this era of there music. He said "We used to smoke chalice ,eat ital food and read Selassie speeches thats what built iani" I wont ever forget that story, he also used to chill with Steel Pulse. Paul used to say back in them days it was Rastafari it's not like the people are some big music super star like these days we are in now, and they to busy to hang out with the regular people,he said any time any band from Bob Marley to Aswad we hung out with them they are Rastas thats it. jah messenger for peace.We all are jah messengers for peace.

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