Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rasta Woman

The first 3 ladies where the back up singers for Bob Marley & The Wailers. Rita was the lead, and her 2 best friends as her back up. These ladies put in work they laid solo albums down while working on the wailers albums too. Althea & Donna laid down their album in the summer of 78 for fun. The two hated the music industry and only wanted to deal with Rastafari . After their album became a hit in England many record companies wanted to sign them but they were only in it to spread the message. Russ and I have had the Rita's for a while but I just got the others and they are heavy as well. I recommend these to any woman into Rastafari or trying to learn more these ladies are the mothers of reggae.  

 Rasta women played a big role in reggae at that time but only put out a few albums . The reason for this is the women felt the dutty to bring children into the world  to be mothers so they could bring forth more postive rasta people. They also thought that the music bussiness was politics,and had a bigger role in life as mothers. They never hated on the men thoe they pushed for them to keep it going because it was the only way to get the meassage threw fast, after a few albums many artist took breaks for many years an lived in the bush an rasied kids to make sure they had roots an culture.