Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Marky Mark

We just seen the new Ridebmx video "insight" an our boy from good old long island is shining hard. Alot of people who ride bikes are sleeping on Mark Gralla an don't kno hes been doing his own thing for so long and hes from long island.We used to meet up with mark all the time to ride he lived a couple towns away from us so he would take the train in an everybody would meet up with him at the train station. We usually ride around or wait for another train to bring us all the way out east to greenport skate park at the tip of long island. I remember mark all ways being a trooper he would be down for anything that let him ride his bike more. Many times mark as stayed at justins house on the floor while justins dog did him grimy by chewing his shoes and shirts. Mark would stay on the floor for weeks during the summer to ride.We made this street/skatepark thing  called pieconic one summer. We had the best time riding ever. Me Mark Russ Justin an all the medford locals progressed so much back then but when the place got shut down we diden't have a place to do any thing we learned so we lost them and we where bummed,but mark was on the grind  trying to ride. He used to take the train into the city and the bus to philly be for any of us thought about riding out side the island. We where pretty young to go that far back in the day .We soon parted ways mark was all ways in the city and we where riding russ's ramp in his back yard .I think we didn't ride together for like 2 years and then mark came out on a cali trip to ride an stayed at our apartment. When we came back to the east we would meet up with mark in philly an cruise. Mark No's philly like the back of his hand so it is all ways fun. I cant wait till it gets a lil warmer. Sessions allday an night. Mark 's riding is as tru and original as him. Marks keeps it real.


Keith Romanowski said...

Great write up!

Anonymous said...
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fresh said...

medford local! PG