Sunday, March 9, 2008


Muta is a poet that sprang up in the early roots reggae era late 70s,he looked at getting his message threw different from everyone else that was laying down tracks. He seen that alot of his friends where putting in work and not reaping the reward they deserve. Alot of the record companies used the songs and played them on the rock radio sations in America, England and Japan. The artist never seen any cash flow, but where big reggae stars in those country's. Muta wanted to support the cause, but be as independent as he could be, so he started putting out books of poems which the hole project consisted around what he wanted from start to finish. From the  color, to how the book was made, to the publisher, how it got published, and what material was used to make it . Muta spits heavy fire when it comes down to life ,no matter who you are or what you do he can guide you to find your self  in any giving situation you are in (you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink). Muta has traveled so many places holding Rastafari to the full while embracing other eastern philosophy's. I recently just got a chance to talk with him it was very very irie. 
The man spiritual is above all
The man thinkin is “me”
thinkin on the care of my body
of my worldly possessions
never stoppin to know
that all worldly

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