Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Winston Rodney aka Burning Spear has laid some of the hardest roots reggae  albums of all time. Spear got put on to reggae around  1967 by bob marley, Spear had lived in the same parish Saint Anns Bay also this was the town where Marcus Garvey grew up. Spear asked bob how he got into that reggae an he said he started selling ganja an fruits at the local market in Kingston for studio time.The parish where they lived was all the way across the island so they would farm for a full year an then make the trip to Kingston to sell their goods,  the studio was also in kingston. Bob had a head start because he had moved from Saint Ann's to Kingston for a year an started hanging with the wailers around studio 1 ran by famos mixer cox son dood. Bob  headed back to saint anns to build a farm an got things going quick.While bob had laid down his first two albums with the wailers. Spear had just saved up  to get to kingston an studio time. When spear went to his first audition they select him,after that he has been going hard ever since no spear album would be considered complete without a tribute to Marcus Garvey his home town guider. Bob had made his first few albums real hard but the lyrics where for everyone but Spear on the other hand came at his albums mad and expressed the rastafari feelings of selassie  ganja, equal rights,  marcus garvey, and Africa so his albums only sold to the core listeners but after bob had toured around the world more an more rastas started popping up that weren't black  so around 1972 spear albums started to pick up demand for his first few albums put out in 69.Spears music is for deep mediation an a clear minds.My uncle put i on so i been collecting them for a few years here are some of them he has so many more an still pumping them out hard an heavy these are some of his best work that i have from his early days. Bob the king an Spear the prince of reggae.


Spear albums 1969-2007


keith romanowski said...

Spear's is seriously the best.

Anonymous said...

a living legend on stage !

Anonymous said...

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