Saturday, January 26, 2008


Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abounded everywhere is war. That until there is no longer first class nor second class citizens of any nation. Until the color of a persons skin is no more significant than the color of his or her eyes. Me say war.(Selassie intro to united Nations 1960)

So many people have things to say about this and that but those are the people who don't understand life an its purpose.We over here understand the energy force that makes up life. We the people take up space for a certain matter of time which is an energy force that makes up life. We take up that space for a certain matter of time but after we that have taken up the space dies the space is still there and energy an life still gos on so while being granted to partake in that space with a energy force such as human life,the most riches thing is to have is life especially human life . A wild animal only is what it is, it could never be human so with that being said we appreciate life an try to live positive giving thanks an praise to the energy force by living upright with a positive Ora an vibe given off. Haile Selassie is a perfect defender for that energy force. His teachings an sayings is nothing new but of a wise time threw the dynasty of Ori that ruled befor him which he is the last king of that dynasty which is Ethiopian.Ethiopia birthed Egypt an the Egyptians.Ethiopia was the first civilization starting at the beginning of the banks of the Nile others flourished down further.We understand the philosophy of the first ancestors of people which was love an positive vibes good all ways over evil so if it was then it shall be now in this time the people that took up that space in that time are now gone but the vibe an the spirit is their so live good for you only live once an will be remembered for the life you lived. This one is to the masses. Neither Rastafari nor the people that pursue this way of life ever gave off negative vibes threw propaganda or media to hold people doing something positive back.STAY POSITIVE.

Flick of Russ from the other day. Global warming is defiantly here. This winter in NY has been pretty mild. snow here an there but nothing to crazy. Irie vibes all ways photo keith R


Anonymous said...
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jerome said...

i was reading that intro from selassie and it came to me bob used those for lyrics in the song everywhere is war. its cool to see where the words originally came from.