Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Welcome to Ras Life.

Rastafari developed among an oppressed people who felt society had nothing to offer them except more suffering.Rastas may regard themselves as conforming to certain visions of how Africans should live,reclaiming what they see as a culture stolen from them when their ancestors were brought on slave ships to americas an jamaica , the movement's birthplace.

The messages expounded by the Rastafari promote love and respect for all living things and emphasize the paramount importance of human dignity and self-respect. Above all else, they speak of freedom from spiritual, psychological, as well as physical slavery and oppression. In their attempts to heal the wounds inflicted upon the African peoples by the imperialist nations of the world, Rastafari continually extol the virtue and superiority of African cultures and civilization past and present.

Shawn Garrett - Photo by Romanowski.

Russ Barone - photo by Romanowski.


RAS~DAVID said...


ever living ever fearful, selassie

two ways to this- Jah Rastafari or War I-man choose Rastafari

-Jah Bless

Anonymous said...

all can say is that you guys are ballers

robot said...

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Nick B said...

YEEEAAA BOOOYYY!! What it is RAScats? How you guys doing? I like the new site... keep it up guys! Holla at your boy!

- NickB

Jazzy Fizzle said...


Anonymous said...

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